BUT… SO WHAT CAN COLLEGES LIKE? It's a concern I discover often largely from households at institution fairs who will be frantically looking to absorb all available nugget of information there when needed in the limited time frame with the event: 'But… what do colleges and universities prefer? ' 'My little girl has the possibility for take instructional classes at the local community higher education this summer or perhaps do a strong internship the one that do colleges and universities prefer? ' 'My son is planning on going on a mandate trip or finding a job for your summer what kind is better? ' 'I may stay with music group or question for this is my senior time, but not each. What do i need to do? ' Students, and parents, are looking for a real answer your guaranteed guide to get in the college in their choice. If an admission psychologist says this, then it ought to be truth, and really should be taken to a 't' (trust my family, we hope we had this kind of all-knowing power! ). (more…)