Engineers in the cold weather: RESEARCH Component 2

Engineers in the cold weather: RESEARCH Component 2

Welcome to Part 3 of Technicians in the Summer! Currently, we look within my interview by using Harper Hopkins, a growing junior performing research on computational physics. Harper Hopkins is formerly from Maine and research computer science in the Tufts School for Engineering. She actually is involved with Most women in Personal computer Science, a couple of theater groupings (Bare Bodkin & 3Ps), the trans support group, often the queer support group, and Bird, a public organization that has a focus on training and place engagement.

Hi Harper! Could you i highly recommend you tell me a little bit about your exploration?

Now i’m doing investigation in computational physics together with Professor Ricky Atherton within the Physics Dept. We’re investigating modeling social networks using a statistical physics procedure, based on principles of graph theory and cellular automata.

Hold up. You’re going to really need to break this unique down. You’re a comp sci main, right?

Yes, We are a workers comp sci key! But computational physics examines using recent computer knowledge methods and applying these to physics troubles. The research we are doing can be a mix of sociology, physics, in addition to computer science. We’re having a statistical method to sociology, looking at the square and trend of community networks— just how language or possibly opinions get spread around through populations, for example.

Okay. A business exactly do you model some social network?

I’m modeling the online social networking using simulation of allergens moving aimlessly on the surface of the sphere, sketching the analogy that allergens are consumers. If they are available close good enough together, these people form vital.Continue reading