financial problems

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 much noise

Would _____________________ much noise – I’m trying to get some work done. MIND. Would you mind not making so much noise – I’m trying to get some work done. 18.I shouldn’t bother to clean the windows today because it’s going to rain.

19.The two boys were sitting by themselves in the classroom. The two boys were sitting ______________________________in the classroom. OWN.

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Pauline is _______________ solve her financial problems. EFFORT. Pauline is making no effort to solve her financial problems.

 much noise trying

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Just as lobbyists turned to Weisgerber on chemical law, so too has the banking lobby, swamping MEPs with proposals to soften new rules on finance. “You know the members of parliament who are industry-friendly,” says one banking lobbyist, speaking openly only on condition of anonymity. “You build up the relationship and you know that they will put forward your amendments. Many of the MEPs are lazy. They are writing legislation about areas that they do not know about.” The industry’s assistance is discreet but powerful. “Often clients do not want the public to know that they are the ones behind the amendments,” says the banking lobbyist. “It is a difficult thing to explain.” Almost four years after the start of proclamation essay the banking and debt crisis, just three EU laws have been passed to regulate finance, a modest achievement in the eyes of some experts and even officials. One of the few significant changes has been a bank bonus code to cap cash windfalls.

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